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Contact Info for Consumers

Sonsio is proud to protect more than 79.5 million vehicles with repair specific coverage, and over 38 million tires and wheels with our road hazard protection programs.

If you already have existing program coverage and would like more information about your coverage or to find a location near you, please use the Sonsio corresponding contact information (below) to contact us:

  • DEFEND Tire Road Hazard Protection™1-866-592-5072
  • TITAN Online Road Hazard Protection™1-855-276-9299
  • Grip Tire & Wheel Protection Program™ for Automobiles1-866-269-8094
  • MyTireExpert Tire & Wheel SHIELD™ for Motorcycles1-800-317-4078
  • MyTireExpert Tire & Wheel SHIELD™ for Motorhomes & Trailers1-866-588-0698
  • Nationwide Parts & Labor Warranties1-866-365-9228
  • ToYourRescue™ Roadside Assistancehttp://ToYourRescue.com

To register your road hazard product, visit www.RegisterMyRoadHazard.com. You can also register by faxing a clear, legible copy of your original invoice to 1-866-507-9516, or by mailing it to: Register My Road Hazard, P.O. Box 16846, Golden, CO 80402.

To complete a survey regarding a specific claims experience, click here and complete the corresponding survey in the Customer Survey panel on the left side of the page.

For personalized assistance locating a participating facility on the Road Hazard Program for which you have coverage, please call the Repair Facility Assistance phone number 1-866-330-7244. Please note that some Road Hazard Programs require you to return to the facility where you purchased Road Hazard coverage in order to be eligible for benefits under the Program. Click here to find a list of potential repair locations near you.

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