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New Auto Financing Perk Means More Volume For Tire Retailers

November 27, 2006 – As 2006 ends, an estimated 1.2 million tires will hit the streets with tire road hazard coverage that they didn’t purchase from any tire retailer. Over 4,500 auto dealerships in 44 states are providing a two-year tire and wheel road hazard program at no additional cost as an incentive to customers who finance their vehicle through GMAC.

“Regardless of where the driver received his road hazard coverage, there is tremendous upside for tire dealers,” said Michael Jones, President and CEO of Sonsio, Inc whose company specializes in road hazard programs. “Whenever you combine enormous volume with massive awareness on a high value product that routinely sells for $200 per plan, and then give it away... it will create a sizable amount of replacement business for the aftermarket retailer.”

An added opportuntity for the retailer will be in selling a comparable road hazard program when the no-cost version expires. “It’s the aftermarket dealer who will primarily service the GMAC product claims during the next two years. Once the program concludes, the tire retailer can sell their approved road hazard program to a consumer who already understands what road hazard is and does – because they’ve already benefitted from it. It will be like selling a second glass of lemonade to a very thirsty crowd,” Jones added.

The GMAC road hazard program covers tires and wheels installed on the vehicle at the time of purchase. The program provides customers with two years of coverage, including:

  • Tire replacements covered up to $299.99, when the tire is damaged by a road hazard;
  • Wheel repairs or replacements covered up to $399.99, when the wheel is damaged by a road hazard;
  • Flat tire repairs covered up to $30, when the tire is damaged by a road hazard;
  • Roadside assistance with the installation of the spare tire or towing, covered up to $50 when the tire and/or wheel is damaged by a road hazard.

Tire dealers can obtain information on how to service tire or wheel road hazard claims from this promotion by clicking, or by emailing tire rescue at sonsio dot com

Sonsio, Inc., located in Golden, Colorado has built a network of independent and company-owned automotive repair centers that has grown to become the largest network of warranty service centers in North America with 26,407 facilities. They cover nearly 33 million tires with their road hazard protection plans, and provide a parts and labor warranty program that protects over 57 million repairs annually.

GMAC is a global, financial services company that operates in 39 countries, in auto finance, residential mortgage, insurance and commercial finance businesses. With more than $300 billion in assets, it generated $2.4 billion in net income in 2005, on revenue of $19.2 billion. General Motors, which currently owns all of the equity of GMAC, earlier this year announced it will sell a majority of its interest to a consortium of investors led by Cerberus Capital Management.

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