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Mechanical Advisory Services

Sonsio is familiar with the unique relationship that our dealers work to develop and maintain with their customers. Striving to be a full-service provider to your customer is key in today’s competitive marketplace. Offering services above and beyond what your competition is offering could mean the difference between surviving or thriving in today’s tough economy. Sonsio offers many specialized tools to assist both you and your customers in all of your automotive service needs.

Leverage the expertise of our ASE-certified mechanics in answering your customer’s questions about their mechanical diagnosis or repairs, rental cars, or by providing a live chat feature on your website. Sonsio’s expert mechanical technicians are given specialized telephone and computer training and provided with searchable auto diagnostic data, plus parts pricing information for all geographic areas of the United States and Canada. As a result, we are able to respond on your behalf, and the customer won’t ever have to know it isn’t you they are speaking to!

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