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Bumper Repair

More often than not, the bumper is the first part to be hit when something bumps into your vehicle (or your vehicle bumps into something).

Even minor scrapes and scuffs are enough to immediately impact the overall appearance of your vehicle and can be surprisingly expensive to fix.

That's why Sonsio's Bumper Repair benefit provides protection for your vehicle appearance (and your wallet) by repairing damaged bumper surfaces.

Cosmetic Bumper Repair

  • Cosmetic paint repairs to your vehicle’s bumper surface.
  • Covers minor scrapes and scuffs to the bumper’s painted finish.

Get industry-leading Bumper Repair protection as a stand-alone benefit or eliminate more stress by combining it with other Sonsio Vehicle Protection benefits.

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Our Bumper Repair benefit may be offered as a stand-alone product or in combination with other Sonsio Vehicle Protection benefits:

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