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Lease-End Wear & Tear Benefit

Leasing a vehicle is supposed to be a wonderful, stress-free experience. Unfortunately, damage from normal wear and tear can happen at any time during the lease leading to worry about the lost new-vehicle appearance and the out-of-pocket costs that will result at the end of the lease.

Sonsio's Lease-End Wear & Tear Benefit provides protection during the lease by repairing damage caused by normal wear and tear damage during the lease. Then, it will also provide reimbursement for any excess wear and tear charges at the end of the lease.

So you'll be able to relax again knowing that your new car (and your wallet) is protected and that turning in your vehicle at the end of the lease will be a breeze.

Lease-End Wear & Tear Benefit

Repair of damage during the lease and reimbursement of common excess wear & tear charges your lessor may assess at the end of your lease. Coverage for:

  • Tire wear and tear.
  • Glass breakage.
  • Head lamps, running lights or fog lights.
  • Chrome, metal, moldings and trim.
  • Discoloration, stone chips and sand damage.
  • Audio equipment, speakers and systems.
  • Bumper scuffs and paint scratches.

Get industry-leading Interior Repair protection as a stand-alone benefit or eliminate more stress by combining it with other Sonsio Vehicle Protection benefits.

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