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Tire & Wheel Protection

Sonsio's Tire & Wheel Protection provides industry-leading protection for the appearance and functionality of consumers’ tires and wheels while offering dealers the opportunity to increase bottom-line profitability on every delivery!

Consumers are well aware of the fact that road hazards can damage tires and wheels, and that repairs can be extremely expensive. Our Tire & Wheel Protection picks up where the factory warranties and service contracts leave off!

Every program offers your customer their choice of term-length options with unlimited mileage, and the peace of mind that they will no longer have to worry about the financial hardship that comes with paying out-of-pocket expenses to replace a damaged tire and/or wheel.

Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Repair with Cosmetic Wheel Repair Or Replacement

  • Repair or replacement of tires that are punctured, bruised or bubbled due to damage caused by road hazards.
  • Repair or replacement of flat tires with damage caused by nails, screws, glass or other road debris.
  • Repair or replacement of bent or cracked wheels caused by road hazards.
  • Cosmetic Wheel repair of damage caused by scrapes and curb rash.
  • Covers painted, polished, chrome, machine finished, PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), multi-piece wheels or hubcaps.
  • Wheels that are deemed not repairable will be replaced.

Sonsio’s Tire & Wheel Protection is available for Automobiles, Motorcycles, Motorhomes and Trailers:

Watercraft trailers

Get industry-leading Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Protection as a stand-alone benefit or eliminate more stress by combining it with other Sonsio Vehicle Protection benefits.

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Our Tire & Wheel Protection may be offered as a stand-alone product or in combination with other Sonsio Vehicle Protection benefits:

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